Friday, May 7, 2010

My Set Up

In mid-April, I planted my apartment garden.  On the left is my bedroom: in the hanging planter there are two tomato plants and six strawberries.  In the pot on the window sill, peppers.  Outside the window there is mint, chives, cilantro, and parsley.  In the plastic tub on the floor, two bush tomatoes, cucumbers and rhubarb.

Above is my kitchen: from left to right: Salad Greens (included, swiss chard, celery, two lettuces, two spinach); summer squash and zucchini; soy, bush, and kidney beans; assorted egg plants.  There's also another tomato plant hanging in the window, not pictured here.

And five days later, I had sprouts!  Pictured is some of the leafy greens doing their thing.

I planted about a month ago, and some plants are doing shockingly well, and some horribly bad.  I'll post photos and updates in the next couple days.

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  1. Jessica and I found a few growing lights for you at a rummage sale - we'll bring them with us :D