Monday, June 17, 2013

Why Tags Are Important

During the last challenge I made turkey soup.  I remember breaking the bones to get to the inner goodieness, short of that I couldn't remember how I made it.  I roasted a chicken yesterday and saved the husk for making soup.  I gave the cookbook I used for the recipe to Sarah Lohman so I couldn't just look it up.

I did, however, tag my post.  I just clicked on my name under a post, then searched the page for 'bones'.  I had to go once to older posts.  I found the information I was looking for in a post from January 7th of last year;

'Never discard the bones of turkey or chicken as they will always make a delicious soup,' advises The American Woman's Cook Book. 'Scrape the meat from the bones, break the bones, pack them in a kettle, and cover in cold water, adding a small onion.  Cover closely and simmer very gently for three hours.  Strain and cool.  One-half hour before it is to be served, return to the fire and for every quart of stock add one cup cold meat, season and keep hot until needed.'

Now the chicken bones are simmering in a pot with an onion.  In 3 hours I will have delicious soup.  Thanks tags!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I'm not the only crazy in this town looking in the woods for food

Probably about a week ago I was coming back to the shop from the hardware store. I spotted 2 ladies at the edge of the woods, plastic bags in hand.  I knew they were on the hunt for something good.  They looked a little frightened as I approached.  I think they thought they were in trouble or something.  I just asked what they found good in the woods.  They appeared to be Mediterranean - Lebanese at a guess. They were picking grape leaves!  I had seen vines growing around in the back woods and never thought that they might be wild grapes.  I will watch to see if they bear any fruit as the summer goes on.

Monday, June 3, 2013

The Garden Takeover

The 2011 and 2012 gardens were overrun by the tomatillo.  This year, the radishes are running amuck.  Some of the radishes went to seed.  I thought I saved all of the seed heads.  However, it seems as though I missed a few hundred.  There are radishes EVERYWHERE!!!
 I'm working on a "cage" for the strawberries.  The robins absolutely love to eat a small amount out of each berry.  I did manage to pick and freeze a small bag of strawberries that the robins evidently missed.
Speaking of strawberries, the wild strawberries are back.  There are really a lot of them this year.  I guess they are just not sweet enough for the robins though.
Although the pea plants are not very big, there are a few pods on the vines.
I've been harvesting lots of lettuce for my lunches.  I hope to finish planting this week.
So far, I've planted:
45 pepper plants (most from saved seeds)
41 tomato plants (some from saved seeds)
15 broccoli plants (most from seed)
15 eggplants
5 basil plants (from saved seeds)
5 celery plants
1 parsley plant
Squash plants (spaghetti, butternut and zucchini)
cilantro (from saved seeds)
Kale (from saved seeds)
Two really long rows of beans (1 1/2 rows from saved seeds)
Lots of sunflowers from saved seeds
Two rows of peas
Two rows of beets
One row of radishes (before I knew about the take-over)
One row of turnips
Pineapple Sage
Two rows of leeks

Already growing in the garden:
Lots and lots of chives
Lots and lots of garlic
Green onions
Lamb's Quarter