Sunday, December 30, 2012

Additional 3rd Challenge Rules

Participants from the previous challenges most likely have small bits of stores or seeds saved up from previous challenges - these 'leftovers' are all exempted in this challenge. Preserved foods saved by families prior to the beginning of the collecting period (1/1/13) are also exempted. The Jackson family admit to having an unequal amount of canned preserves. They have agreed to share their stores, at a rate of 1 donated jar for every 2 they keep. The distribution of these donations has yet to be established. Participants will also be given an exemption of 5lbs of foodstuffs, to cover any spices or other small items one may have left over in their cupboards before the crisis hits. Finally, the party rule - participants are permitted to attend social events, but for every meal consumed at such an event they must host twice as many people at their own event, and provide from their stores. For 'potluck events' including non challengers,- participants must provide vittles for twice their numbers (so if 2 family members attend they must provide food for 4 people.)

Starting From Scratch Challenge III

The theme of our first challenge was primitive life, understanding where it is that our food comes from. The theme of our second challenge was the life of a settler, surviving with minimal purchased stores over a winter. We will now embark on our third challenge, and endeavor to experience the trials of the Great Depression. The writing is on the wall - participating households know that a crisis is coming. Each will be given 13 months (1/1/13 thru 1/31/14) to gather, hunt, fish, and farm for whatever resources they can. Unlike past challenges, 'urban' collecting will be permitted. Also unlike other challenges, every expense will be included - hunting and fishing licenses, seeds, fertilizer, etc. The only cost exemption (as agreed by the founding participants) will be for canning jar lids. Participating households will track their actual food expenses over this 3-month period. The household with the lowest cost per person per day will be declared the victor. Victory rewards have yet to be established. The challenge will take place over 3 months - February, March, and April 2014. Each participating household will track their actual food expenses for the challenge period.