Saturday, June 25, 2011


Kathy had read somewhere that eggs could be frozen raw and then later thawed and used. I decided to do some experiments on what way works best to freeze them. I have tried separating whites and yolks into separate trays, breaking the yolks, puncturing shelled eggs and putting them in cups to freeze. A whites-only cube has thawed already and I cooked it - it looked a little watery and separated once it thawed. I had concerns but it cooked up and tasted just like a regular egg white! The rest of the results will follow.


  1. I cooked a 'separated yolk' egg and the one that I punctured only the top. The freezing process mostly solidifies the yolk, kind of like a soft boiled egg. It breaks up easily enough and will make fine scrambled or over-hard eggs, but you can forget about dipping your toast in them. The flavor seems unchanged from a non-frozen egg and the cooked texture is normal as well.

  2. It seems that the yolks don't blend as well back into the whites once they have been sitting around for a few days - I think it is probably most advisable to eat frozen eggs the day after they were thawed.