Friday, March 8, 2013


Yesterday we voted YES! for my lost & found idea. Mark has a related story and will blog about it later.
I was driving by Aldi's on the way home from work and thought that I spotted an abandoned shopping cart in the parking lot (which = $.25). But it was too late because I was already in the process of passing up the entrance and someone was following closely behind me. The next driveway is for a car wash with drive up vaccuum areas. I figured I would pull in there and get out and see if anyone had dropped any change (I have found money at this car wash in the past). So I pulled in and got out and there was a penny on the ground - YAY! Then I walked around to the other side, looking at the ground. When I was about to get back in my car,  I looked over to the left there was a pile of pennies sitting on the cement wall by the vaccuum.  $.22 pennies in that pile plus the one I found on the ground! I turned back around and went to Aldi's but there weren't any abandoned shopping carts. Feeling lucky when I got home, I went over to the next building to see if there was any lost $$ in the laundry room. As I opened the door to the building a shiny little dime was staring up at me in the doorway (no lost money in the laundry room though).

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  1. I was totally excited to find a dime at my fencing club this morning. Time to start a jar! :D