Thursday, July 18, 2013

Hot & Humid Harvest

It's really been Hot & Humid the last few days.  However, I managed to get outside at 6:00 this morning and harvest some beans from the garden.
I was going to blanch and freeze them tonight.  However, a very long phone call with a old friend delayed my project.
The broccoli is also looking like it's ready for harvest:
There are lots of blossoms on the squash plants.  However, there are so many huge leaves that it's hard to tell what's under there.
The pears are getting bigger.  They look great.  The squirrels are even leaving some for us.
Yummmmm!  I can't wait to harvest them.  The first tomatoes are also starting to get red.
They are cherry tomatoes but there should be some red ones in a couple of days.

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