Thursday, December 31, 2009

Introduction: Mark

Greetings, land of blog.

My name is Mark, and I am the patriarch of this idea.

The 'rules' post below is an excerpt from an email correspondence with my family and friends about this idea I came up with. As my wife has already mentioned I have plenty of crazy ideas, most of which I keep to myself. This one made it past my 'certifiably crazy' filter so I spilled it out on the table. I was surprised by the positive feedback I got from most people I shared it with.

As from myself, I am self-employed and at this time have no co-workers, save my wife who helps tremendously with the paperwork. Last year I planted my first garden - a tiny 10x10 plot with too much shade. Had I needed that plot to produce food to live on, we surely would have starved. I very much enjoy hunting and fishing, though I am not very accomplished in either of those endeavors. I have long held a compulsion to harvest fruit from wild trees that I find, including the 30' mulberry that dumps buckets of fruit early in the summer.

So what is the purpose of this challenge? I hope to improve my hunting, fishing, and farming skills, and to learn more about edible wild plants in the local area. I also hope to foster a sense of community with my family and close friends that are engaged in the challenge as well. And who knows beyond that - perhaps I'll buy a Conestoga wagon and follow the California trail...oh wait I don't think that idea should make it past the filter...


  1. Mark! I've always wanted to follow the Oregon or California trail, to see if I could actually do it! Let's do it!!

  2. Oh yeah great, go ahead and contribute to my madness.

    We should take a train or a coach to the Mississippi, then catch a riverboat down to Missouri, and begin our adventure there...

  3. I agree. Or perhaps in St. Louis? that's the gateway to the west. We'll have to track down one of those books they printed for travelers going out west, and follow their advice to see if it works.

    Let's do it next summer.

  4. Sarah, you are going to get me in trouble. When do we leave?

  5. How shall we travel? Car? RV? Dune buggy? Amish horse-and-carriage?