Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Garden Plan

Hi Everyone...

My marvelous permaculture design team was over this weekend, helping me finish up the plans for my yard.. and I thought I'd share! Here it is!
The round green things are vertical gardens; the round blue things are rain water catchment barrels; the figure eight in the middle of the back yard is a spiral garden, which is another cool space-saver that I will describe in a future post (probably in a couple weeks-- after I finish my thesis and have time again!)
And the blue thing in the back yard is a rain garden; being put in so we can divert (and use up) the water that pools in one area of the yard.
Just thought I might share!
(click on the picture to get to see the whole thing!)


  1. This is lovely! Can I come check it out when I'm in Cleveland? I'll be there the last week of May.

  2. Are the chickens given the run of the back yard? Also Cleveland is pretty cool to le you use your front yard for gardening. How do you plan to keep errosion down on the front?

  3. Sarah, you are of course welcome!!!!
    Mike, the chickens will have some free roaming abilities (under supervision-- we have had hawks here in the past-- I think they come over from the zoo or the metroparks) but also they will have a nice pen to run around in just outside their coop that will offer protection from predators but still allow the lovely ladies some sunshine, fresh air, and outdoor pecking abilities.
    The gardens will all be raised beds; this will help with errosion issues (which can be handled also by using no-dig soil building methods that don't disturb the underlying soil in the first place); I also wanted to do raised beds to help make the front yard look a little less gardeny and a little more landscapey. AND to hopefully keep Kobe out of the gardens in the back yard (he's our black lab... he likes to dig. a lot.) I'm also going to plant quite a few edible flowers in the front yard among the veggies in the hopes that it will all be lovely looking and make the neighbors happy. :o)
    You should all come by and visit when it's all put together!