Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Turtle Proposes a New Challenge

Hi Everyone! A few of us have been munching on the idea of a new month long challenge. I am proposing a challenge during the month of September. I'd like some feedback, suggestions and a "show of hands" for participation in this event. Here are some of the thoughts I've gathered thus far:

Challenge for September, 2010:

All foods to be grown, foraged or purchased from local farmers/growers
Exceptions would be olive oil and salt
Four "vacation days" to be used for special events, restaurant visits or out-of -town visits.
(Side note: there are restaurants that would be challenge acceptable and have "slow" and local dining)

Since my name isn't Mark and Dethereseracy (our last challenge was termed a "DeMarkracy")doesn't really sound quite right, I am open to suggestions and guidelines from participants.

Thanks for playin'.


  1. Your rules look good. I don't want to participate, but I'd gladly be a non-participating trader. The tomatillos I picked yesterday taste great!

  2. I'm playing! Not sure how well I'll be able to stick to the rules... work in a hotel part of the time, but hey, will see how it goes! ;)
    eeeek!!! no pasta, no rice....
    I'm already doing a challenge in the UK - thanks to you guys for the original idea.... so I'm going to link this in with that...
    Cool beans, and looking forward to a great month! xo