Saturday, July 30, 2011

Family Dinner Night From the Garden

Dinner went well with a combination of foods prepared from fresh ingredients and last year's canned items. I also used some "hypothetical items" we will hopefully have on hand from our small food allowance. Run down of the menu:

Fresh spaghetti squash with canned whole tomatoes, garlic, herbs (mmm! mmm! good!)

Fish broth with egg drops (made from frozen fish and eggs)
Breaded summer squash (fresh yellow squash, ground oats from Mark's garden, other herbs, crushed black walnuts)

Fresh radishes and radish greens

Blackberries and apple sauce (frozen last year)

Chocolate mint tea

Chicory root "coffee"

Pickle soup (canned pickles and its juice, canned tomatoes and its juice and juice from canned green beans, water, fresh veggies) - Actually very good but sour, can only eat it in small portions!
Pickled eggs - 2 fresh eggs soaked for 2 days in pickle juice (some were afraid to try this after the pickle soup but I thoroughly enjoyed them)

Canned green beans sauteed with fresh garlic and tomatoes

Hypothetical apricot bread (canned apricots and fresh eggs along with hypothetical baking ingredients - oil, flour, baking powder, salt, sugar) - Mark said this was suspect but broke down and ate it anyway!

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