Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Allow me to show you all what I have been busy about on this holiday weekend! First up, we have a nice big jug of mulberry wine. This wine has been fermenting on wild sour yeasts for about 3 weeks now. This 1 gallon jug of sour wine is perfect for cooking, or drinking with a large amount of sugar added. A deal at just 8 Sugarbucks!

Next we have some lovely garlic. Thank you Jessica for helping me clean it all up! In between dropping apricot trees off at Kathy's and stopping by Mike's to grab my yeast on Sunday I stopped at our favorite park on Tuxedo. The first patch of garlic plants I saw looked too young - not surprising since we're a few weeks behind last year weather-wise. I kept walking along the edge where the garlic grows and I found an area they had cut down with a brush hog. The plants were not going to grow after that so I took 3 armfulls up the hill. 'Why did you gather so much garlic,' Jessica asked while she was cleaning them. 'Trade goods!' I replied. A steal at just 1 Sugarbuck per pound, 6 pounds available.

Finally I offer to you ground chicory root! I got up early on the holiday and headed to a nearby site I scouted with an abundance of these plants. I spent a full hour pulling plants and ended up with 9lbs of roots. I scrubbed and trimmed them, sliced them and dried them in the oven at 225 degrees until they were brittle. It pretty much took the whole day, or at least what was not taken up chewing dried cornmeal! Bargain priced at 6 oz for 5 Sugarbucks.

If you want any of these things please order them now! Many of these things are seasonal and I can restock my supplies if you order them now. If you wait until fall the prices will rise!


  1. How funny! Kathy, Todd and I collected garlic from Tuxedo park today! We're letting it dry for a week then we're going to braid it and hang it (we're experts after watching a u tube video!)

  2. The mulberry wine looks interesting. Do you have any unprocessed mulberries?

  3. There are a tremendous amount of mulberries still on the tree, and they are nearing their peak of ripeness. How much do you want?