Sunday, October 2, 2011


This morning I realized the irony of it all. We are living in the future to live in the past. I don't want to live in the past or future, I want to stay present. That being said, I want to get the challenge over with so I can get back to the present. I have enough food stored in the freezer for a few days, and don't have a desire to store more food for the future. I feel that by living in the future for the past, I have missed out on present day opportunties to eat fresh food from the garden. That being said, on Monday Oct 10th I'm starting my challenge. I'm going to eat the frozen food stores and store-bought goods. I'm skipping the wheat based products for several reasons, one being time. Mark, since I'm not making bread and I still owe you sugar bucks can I give you the yeast as part of the exchange? That would give you an extra $2.34 to work with. I can also give you the onions and rice as previously communicated.
Good luck fellow settlers :)!


  1. Sharon - I respect and honor your decision. I think that each one of us is doing the challenge for a their own reasons. I have been enjoying some of the garden delights throughout the preparation process so I don't feel as though I've missed out on any harvest. (One for me, three for the freezer.) I'm doing the challenge for the health benefits as well as a challenge to myself to see how much I can grow in my garden and how far I can stretch with this small but very adequate yard. I've learned a lot through the process and am looking forward to expanding the garden next year to include some of the areas I previously thought might be "ungardenable" and to try more crops. I hope you enjoy all of the food you've prepared. Thank you for sharin' the lovely roasted tomatoes as well as the other goodies you've prepared.

  2. Well let me just say that for sure next year I am not planning on doing another challenge, and if we have another challenge it will not be along these same veins (I have mentioned the concept briefly to Kathy - it will be about saved seed and productive farming.) I hope you will reconsider, next year will once again bring a summer filled with delicious plants to eat!

    As for the bucks, I was planning on spending them on my egg contract with the Jacksons. If you want done with this soon we can work something out, I don't need another brick of yeast though.

    As for the wheat, after pulling 25lbs apart by hand I found a better and much quicker way to process the wheat. I'd be willing to trade you out your unprocessed wheat for some finished four, or trade back your bucks.

    At any rate, if you really feel you need to do your challenge now I would urge you to wait until after our next family dinner. We can all bring things to trade with you to help diversify your food stock. I have a nice big arugula plant to trade you, since I found out I don't like arugula.