Thursday, November 17, 2011

More Harvest

Yesterday, I froze two more containers of pea pods, I harvested the kale, and more parsley. I also picked the cabbage plants by the roots and put them in water to see if I could get any more growth. I keep picking mint and have been enjoying mint tea nearly every day. I picked some tomatillos but I'm not certain what to do with them.

I've also decided to change up my $10 allowance. I found a great frozen turkey for $5.02, 10 pounds of potatoes for $1.99 (I heard that Kmart has them cheaper so I might give the $1.99 ones to my Mom and buy the $1.00 for 10 pound bag). My remaining $2.99 are 1 stick of butter (.50), 1/4 of the 5 pound bag of sugar (.50), one third of a small bottle of oil (.43), 1/4 of the veggie soup base ($1.10), and 1/4 bottle of vinegar (.50). If I buy the $1.00 10# bag of potatoes, I can add in the .78 bag of rice or one dozen eggs for $1.00 (which I previously froze). I would be about $.03 over budget. Maybe I'll look for $4.99 turkey. (tee hee)

The turtle is tooling along . . .


  1. I can trade you for vinegar - after canning I've got some leftovers. I also have sugar to trade.

  2. What would you like in trade? Also, I think you mentioned you have $4. and some cents to spend. I know that they have really great sales on turkey after Thanksgiving. I think last year that they were $.49 a pound. Would you like me to keep my eyes open for one for you?

  3. No I'd like to keep my cash, thanks for looking out though. If I can't earn my meat with a rifle I guess I'll be eating like a hippie for a few months!

    As for trade, what do you have surplus of? I have cornmeal available now too, and in good quantity.

  4. I have pea pods, applesauce, turnips, pea pods and I will probably have some extra carrots. I am also planning on planting some lettuce and radishes in the house under a grow light. I would trade any of the above for corn meal.