Monday, November 21, 2011

More Preparations

Last night, I baked 20 of the potatoes from my 10 pound bag. They are small potatoes so I still have about a dozen left for vegetable soup. After they were almost thoroughly baked, I split them in half, scooped out the insides, blended in some water, a little of my butter allowance and in some I mixed finely chopped parsley and in another batch I mixed the chopped chives (both chives and parsley from my garden). I refilled the skins and wrapped them in foil and then a large plastic freezer bag. In about mid December, I plan on harvesting some of my carrots and turnips and I'll make a vegetable soup to freeze.

I plan on baking my turkey and freezing the meat in 4 oz packages (later in December). I figure with almost a 9 pound turkey, I should have at least 5-6 pounds of meat. That would work out to, at the minimum about 20 packages of turkey. If I eat turkey two times a week, that should last through the challenge. I'll also probably use the bones as a base for soup.

My herbs are pretty well dry. I'll let them dry a few more days before I bag them up. I still have mint growing and have some parsley to freeze as well as the bag of kale.

It looks like the next freeze is going to be the upcoming Sunday night. I haven't decided whether I want to go through covering the garden with the sheets or just mulching with leaves that I haven't raked and harvest the root vegetables at a later time. I'll watch the forecast and keep you up to date.

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