Monday, February 18, 2013

Food Sources

I have a few ideas about possible low-cost sources of food for this challenge.  As one of these opportunities is coming up tomorrow, I thought I'd share my ideas.

1) High Bidder - Tomorrow across the river from our building there is a restaurant going up for auction.  Those who know me also know that I make my living at auctions.  There was one auction in the past, a pizza chain distribution facility, in which I bought sooo much food for sooo little money. I stuffed every freezer I could find (including friends and family) and then donated 1000lbs to the local food bank!  Tomorrow won't be so glorious a take, but there is a 35lb jug of oil, several trays of seasonings, and who knows what else!

2) Banana Boxes - When I first got into our current business, I searched all over for sources of merchandise to buy.  At that time I became aware of a phenomenon called 'Banana Boxes' - literally leftover boxes from bananas stuffed with dented cans and dry goods past their expiration.  Trick is, you have to buy them a whole pallet at a time.  An internet search showed there is a company down in Akron that sells these.  I'll look into this soon.

3) 55mph Bullets - I don't know if it is done locally, but I know that in some Ohio communities there is a 'Roadkill List' for deer.  If you don't mind a phone call at 5AM you can get a raod-hunted deer for absolutely free!  I plan to call the sheriff's office and see if there is any program like that out here.

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  1. The auction was a dud - there were a lot of restauranteurs there and what little food stores was there were not all that cheap.