Thursday, February 21, 2013

Gross? or Net?

By gross, I don't mean the roadkill idea from the previous post ;)

Question is: Will tallying $$$ spent be based on net or gross? So if I get 10 cans of soup for $1, will I tally the $.10 once I consume it or do I count the whole dollar? What if I want to eat 5 cans pre-challenge and only use 5 during the challenge, would I just count $.50?

Also, we need to rule if gas/mileage is exempt (pre-challenge and during challenge).

1 comment:

  1. Gas is exempt. Electricity to fuel your freezer is exempt. We do this challenge to get the experience of struggling through an economic depression. If a crisis like this really threatened us, we would be spending all of our time collecting food, not going to work and such.

    As for the soup, it depends if you are required to buy that bulk quantity or not. If the soups are really $.10 each, then count what you use. If the soups are $.29 each but you get 10 for $1, you need to count the whole dollar (the bargain is not available for smaller quantities.) Teamwork is allowed, if you only want 5 cans of soup for the challenge find another household that will splurge $.50 for the other soups!