Saturday, February 13, 2010

Looking for Better Recipes?

Maybe you've scoured the internet, looking for ideas for recipes using the ingredients you plan on growing, but have come up short. Truth is, most of the bigger sites on the internet (,, etc.,) have a very staunch outlook on most meal planning. Meats and Proteins are chief and vegetables are meant to be side dishes and salad toppings. So, how is one to find recipes?

Enter Food Blog Search.

Less a traditional recipe site and more concentrated search site powered by Google Search, over three thousand blogs are indexed and pulled from. A sizable majority of the blogs are maintained by vegetarians, locavores, vegans, and people uninterested in the traditional hierarchy of cuisine. I use it quite a bit for my non-challenge dishes, to check variations on recipes I want to try, and most are adaptations of two or more recipes. A little less salt here, a dash more soy there, and I've got my own recipe with very little work, aside from a few keystrokes.

Next time you're looking for something, give it a try. It's Pete tested, Pete approved!

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