Saturday, February 6, 2010


The 1st 1/2 lb of soybeans were used to make 2 recipes: soybeans with fennel, thyme & oregano and dry-roasted soybeans (soynuts).

I used frozen veggie broth that I made a few weeks ago for the 1st recipe. If you decide to make this, make sure you keep adding water once it boils down. I lost track and before I knew it the soybeans stuck to the bottom of the pan and burned. Not all was lost though. I transferred most of it to a new pot and added the tomatoes, thyme & oregano. Because it burned, the onions carmelized which gave it a smokey, baked bean flavor. In my opinion, the beans could go without the thyme and oregano.

The dry roasted nuts were very simple to make and have a good flavor.

Here are the links to the recipes:,,


  1. Sharon, I had no idea you were such a fantastic cook!

  2. As a follow up re: soynuts - I took the remaining ones home (crunchy!) and they appear quite oily today (but still crunchy!) Plus there is a bit of oil in the bottom of the gladware container as well. I believe roasting them may be a secret (or not so secret) step in extracting oil. I wonder if it will do the same for the corn...hrm...