Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Gardening (un)Plan

I've planned our large garden to be hosted at our in-laws house this year. The 40' x 75' plot is by far the largest growing project I have ever undertaken. I've also managed to kill nearly every seedling I started over the winter. That's a story for another post.

There are a few patches of ground around the house that I've planted as well, so that we have a supply of greens on hand throughout the summer. Pictured here is the area that I planted last year, with little growing success. The pepper and tomato plants I put in back here yielded almost no fruit, as shade covers the right side of the area during the afternoon and evening. Plants like lettuce and kale grew a little slow but still provided some greens last year, so I've done a little broadcast sowing of radishes in the sunny area, and lettuce in the shady area. In the upper left corner of the garden (by the fence) my hops rhizome is growing in about the sunniest spot of the garden. In the back of the right side a kale plant left over the winter is producing greens, and an ornamental strawberry plant (not sweet, but still edible) has grown in from the neighbor's yard.

On the other side of the house is this plot of land, which I think will get more sun than where my last-year garden was. I sowed 4 rows of onions on the right side of the plot (second picture), but only 1 row has grown in. The area has a bunch of weeds growing up in it as well, this year will probably be more about getting those old rooted plants out of the area than yielding much food. Still I've put some spinach and bush bean seeds in the ground in this area.

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