Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Soy Milker

I found this delightful machine on eBay, a soy milk machine. The translated directions are almost completely incomprehensible, the buttons are labeled 'Mixed Beans,' 'Coffee,' and 'Porribge'. still I managed to convince it to make soy milk (on the third try.) The bean-head guy on the front gives it a thumbs up. I have to ask all you vegetarians in the world; why? What inspired you to seek milk from a bean and not a teat? It looks like milk, it tastes like beans. It is fine in cereal, but as a stand-alone, ugh. And don't even try to make chocolate milk with it, the flavor of chocolate bean water won't soon leave you. I did splice it 50/50 with some pineapple juice we had on hand and that nearly killed the terrible bean aftertaste. We shall soon see if it is capable of making instant pudding...

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