Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Available in the Marketplace I

Nobody else replied as to their current goods available - so here is what I have to offer this first week;

Basswood Greens, steam blanched & frozen. 12oz package, 2 packages available. $1SB each
Maple Sugar, 4oz cakes. $2SB each

I will offer labor at a rate of $1SB/hour doing the following tasks; machine fabrication, food labor (processing, shelling, etc.,) or foraging.


  1. Hey bro did my labor last sunday count for any sugar bucks? I could use some of the maple sugar. I only have soybeans left over from last year. Also, I'm going to get a plot at one of the community gardens in Lakewood so I can grow my own food :)! Yay!

  2. Yes your labors totally convert to sugar bucks!!!