Thursday, May 19, 2011


This is titled salada! because while I was working at the community garden this morning, a lady who does not speak English decided to help me plant my garden! She looked through my seeds and occasionally said "good". She also said "good" after examining my bag of organic potting soil. I was using a little tool to create a little ditch to plant my seeds and she dug her hands right in there and created ditches for me. I held up my packages of seeds and she said good so I planted then in that row. We planted peas (2 rows), corn, cucumbers, mesculin mix, parsley, peppers, turnips, beets, 3 tomato plants and 1 eggplant plant. Apparently, I did not put enough turnip seeds so she took the package and planted more in my row. There was no science or measuring. She kept saying salada and couldn't seem to find any in my box of seeds so she took out a plastic baggie from her pocket and created a row of mystery plants which I labeled as salada. She helped me sprinkle the organic soil around the garden and we were done! I gave her a big smile and a thank you!

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