Sunday, August 21, 2011

$10 Well Spent

At least I think so. Here are the goods: 1 lb yeast ($2.34), bag lemons ($1.99), 1 pt EVOO ($3.49), 1 lb brown rice ($.79), 4 lbs salt ($.98), 2 tsp peppercorns (in stock in my kitchen) (1/4 of $1.00 = $.25). Total cost = $9.84. The last choice was a toss up between finding sugar for $1.20 or the bag of rice for $.79. Since I have a small amount of maple sugar and the rice has more nutritional value I went with the rice. It also gave me a little extra money to add in the peppercorns.

Also pictured are soybeans left from last year and the maple sugar from earlier in the year.


  1. Sharon - I would buy sugar for my $10 since the apples are REALLY sour. Would you like to trade for a little salt or oil?

  2. Sure we can trade! I didn't try a raw apple but I soaked them in salt water (per the recommendation in the Will it Freeze book) and then blanched them for 1 min prior to freezing. I tried an apple once it was blanched and it didn't taste too sour to me. I wonder if the salt sweetens the sourness??

  3. Could be that the salt cut down on the sour. Hmmmmm. I'll have to try that.