Sunday, August 21, 2011


As you can see in the photos, progress is being made in my gardens. I also managed to get a second plot. It was soggy in the beginning and no one wanted it. I filled it in with dirt and gave it some TLC - it is coming along! The kale, cabbage and dill seem to be growing the best (along with the garden leaders flowers) in the the added plot. Problem with the cabbage is 4 or 5 were stolen. I took a small head of cabbage yesterday and am going to attempt stuffed cabage to freeze (details on the ingredients to follow in another post). No one has taken any kale - lol!! I cut some yesterday to freeze.


  1. Thanks!! It's really nice having a little piece of land. Plus I've had a little help from my Romanian buddy :)

  2. Maybe we should bring her here. On second thought, she might just shake her head and run away!