Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Meal Prep Services

My offering will be meal prep services, 2 sugar bucks per hour. You will have to provide the ingredients and the containers or bags to freeze the goodies in. I will provide salt at no additional charge. If I use any of my ingredients, additional bucks will be charged (with your approval, of course).

I decided to offer this now since I don't want to ride my horse and buggy to your houses in the freezing cold winter. We can also do meal planning at 1 sugar buck per hour based on canned or frozen items that you already have.

Pictured is the "stuffed cabbage" that I made. I overestimated the size of the cabbage so I had to make it into a layered casserole. Layers of cabbage then rice, salt, roasted garlic & turnips (with oil), cabbage, rice mixture, etc. topped off with tomatoes, chives and sweet pepper sauce.


  1. I'm in for the meal prep. How about if I provide the ingredients, you cook and we share the finished product. I have LOTS of herbs to share as well. I think I will end up having lots of tomatoes. I have parsley. Do you like touboulli (not sure how to spell it)? I wonder how much bulgar wheat costs. Do you know?

  2. I'd be interested. Can you come up with a good recipe for bread? I will have wheat flour, eggs, sugar, salt, and yeast. Are you willing to make samples and refine your recipe before the challenge starts?