Sunday, September 15, 2013

Beans & Rice

I'm moving in a month or so and I decided that I would use up most of the food that I have in my kitchen. I've also received gifts of free produce from my mom which I am able to use in my recipes. I make a couple recipes over the weekend and freeze the rest in individual portions to have later. These are not for the challenge but I just wanted to demonstrate how versatile beans and rice can be.

This is what I have made using plain old beans and/or rice:

Spanish rice
Jamaican split peas and rice
Green peppers stuffed with lentils and wild rice
Unstuffed cabbage (rice)
Jamaican split pea soup (2 different kinds - one flavored with thyme and allspice, the other has coconut milk, pumpkin and scotch bonnet pepper sauce)
Chili (kidney beans)
Chipotle black bean soup
Quinoa chickpea patties

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