Friday, January 31, 2014

Rules Recap, Challenge 3

We discussed them last night, so here's a quick run-down;

Challenge lasts from Feb 1 2014 to Apr 30 2014.

Participants record how much they spend on food during that time period.  The participant who spends the least (or couple who spend the least per person) is/are declared victor(s).

Participants are allowed 5lbs of goods that are exempt from their spending total to reflect the dwindling stores they may have in their home.

Participants can 'use up' old commodities in their posession at the estimated cost of the original goods (for example, half a $1 bag of broccoli left over in the freezer costs the participant 50¢ instead of going out and buying a new bag.)

Change found on the ground does not count towards your total.

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