Monday, February 3, 2014

super cook sunday

saturday we hosed our monthly gaming group, so i invited everyone in the group to come eat on us.  there is one thing we are ahead on in this challenge, and that is hosting credits. we had 8 people show up at 2pm, and 4 more later in the evening.

though are per meal cost has been low since the challenge start, actual expenses continue to rack up. a trip to the store cost another 31.27, though many of the items were beverages for hosting.  i cant remember if i made 4 or 5 pizzas, but i can tell you we used nearly a full 5lb bag of flour and 25oz of cheese in the process, along with toppings.

sunday came and i cooked, all day. i made 1.5lbs of potatoes into chis, fried in some bacon fat i had saved. i then made 24 dozen pierogis, and bbq beef ribs for dinner. the leftover dough from the pierogies was rolled out into noodles. welcome back pasta queen.

i put the ribs in the slow cooker with half an onion and some leftover mushrooms from pizza day, along with a cup of water. 6 hours later i put them on the foreman grill with some barbeque sauce. they literally fell off the bone. i saved what was left in the c
rock pot to make soup out of later.

tonights dinner was chicken and dumplings. when you make pierogies there are casualties whose filling pokets break in the water. i took about a dozen of those and chopped them up for the dumplings. i tore 2 chicken legs apart to remove the bone, skin, and all the tendons. i found it came apart easiest when pulled apart by hand. i floured and pan fried them, added the dumplings and a bit of water. i let them simmer for a few minutes and then added a country gravy packet i found in the cupboard. it turned out pretty good. ill substitute flour and pepper next time i make it.


  1. Kathy and I had a super cook Sunday too! The Jacksons had mega stores of frozen pumpkin. Kathy made a huge pot of pumpkin soup and a huge pot of pumpkin curry. And there was still pumpkin left over. We cooked and swapped some other dishes to freeze and eat at a later date.

  2. I went to a wedding on Saturday and will be attending a 40th birthday party at the end of the month. Can you please clarify the hosting credits? For each party, am I hosting 2 guests from outside the challenge or 2 challenge participants? And if it is 2 challenge participants that I host a dinner for then would that be considered a "party" for them? Also, it is an option to cater one of your gatherings?

    1. For each party you attend you must host 2 non-challenge participants.
      You would like to cater one or our gatherings? We certainly can discuss that :D