Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Turkey Marshmallows Part 2

For all of you who have been following along since season 2, I attempted previously to make marshmallows from gelatin stock from a turkey.  After cooking the worthless bits of a turkey carcass down I was rewarded with about 10 fl oz of turkey gelatin.  I decided to try again.

The first time I attempted this I failed to whisk enough to make marshmallows properly.  Someone, probably Sarah Lohman asked me, 'Why didn't you use an electric mixer?'  Uh, yeah.  So you can see where this is headed.

Once again I strained the gelatin to get all the meaty bits out.  Then I added twice the volume of gelatin in cups of sugar (2-1/4 cups of sugar to 1-1/8 cups gelatin.)

Stirring constantly I brought the temperature up to 138 degrees.  I went just a little over (the thermometer hit 140) and I could see the contents getting white and frothy.  I dumped the gela-sugar into my mixing bowl, which was resting in an ice bath.  I started mixing...

And kept mixing...

and kept mixing...

 Finally, it turned white and started to firm up.  When I thought it was about done I set a timer for 4 more minutes and kept mixing it.  The substance it created was a lot like marshmallow fluff, and probably is in fact marshmallow fluff.  I tasted some off the spatula and it taste like marshmallows and turkey.  Weird.  I put it in a greased and sugared pan I will post the final results in the comments section.

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  1. the marshmallows didnt really set up, they just stayed sort of a marshbmallow fluff. they tasted too much like turkey. they were, sadly, discarded.