Sunday, April 24, 2011


Although the first challenge was very beneficial and got me thinking outside of the box as far as cooking and gardening, I am having a hard time committing to this challenge. So, in order for me to participate the following has to be possible:

Condition 1. There has to be some way to exchange services for food. I am living in an apartment now and have no intention of having my own garden. I am willing to help the challengers or outside sources (gardening, preserving, foraging, etc. - not building machinery or other things though, it will turn out like Mark's baking :*) in exchange for food from that same source. Mark, if this is an option maybe you can come up with some sort of hourly exchange option (example: 1 hour of work = $1 worth of food). Todd brought this up at family dinner regarding milking a cow from a local farmer. This is the same thing. So if this is approved, everyone let me know when you need help.

Condition 2. I am on a path to health and wellness which involves eating a certain amount of carbs, fat, protein, & fiber per day. Depending on the food stores, I will make a decision whether or not I will have enough nutrition closer to the challenge.

I am not aiming to win this challenge. I am supporting a cause of sustainability and living outside the norm. I am stopping at my birthday weekend (mid-January) as long as the above conditions are met.

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