Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Test Breakfast (AKA I am a Terrible Baker)

So a few days ago I decided to bake some bread, using ingredients I'll likely have for at least a portion of the challenge. The mixture was roughly 40% oat flower. The yeast I used was a 7-yearn old packet. I managed to get the yeast bubbling in a cup of sugary water despite its age. Regardless the bread had little rise. Though flavor-wise it was alright it had roughly the texture of a brick.

This morning I decided to make a trial breakfast - french toast using this masonry bread. 2 eggs, a dash of maple sugar, and a few slices of bread. It was a bit chewy and more substantial than usual but certainly palletable. I topped it with spreadable blueberries (no sugar ones left from the last challenge) with a side of honeyed blackberries. The leftover eggs were scrambled up too - no food waste in the challenge!


  1. here's how to make your own yeast culture:

    also, i'm doing some research into vegan recipes that i suspect will be helpful. It'll teach you to make tastier things from what you got.

  2. So did either method work for you? And did either work better?