Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Marketplace

As promised, here is my further note regarding trade.

The official currency of the SFS Challenge II will be SUGARBUCKS. Each participant may their own Sugarbuck notes, to a quantity they are willing to trade or work for.

The value of this currency will be skewed to the needs and work ability of the participants. I am personally guaranteeing my Sugarbucks to be worth 4oz white sugar, or 2oz maple sugar.

Every week on Monday, from now through the end of the challenge, I will poll the participants to see what goods they have available for sale, along with the price they are asking in Sugarbucks. All goods traded for with Sugarbucks must be challenge legal, and all services rendered with Sugarbucks must be directly challenge related. Remember that your store-bought items with your meager pittance can be traded here as well, so if you buy in bulk you can advertise your surplus here.

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