Saturday, April 30, 2011

Waste Not, Want Not

Have some usable goods lying around in your cupboards that you want to use to prepare challenge foods, and don't feel like going out and buying more just for the challenge? Well I did some comparison shopping at local stores and here are the best prices I have found;

Salt $.39/26oz
White Flour $1.45/5lbs
Baking Powder $.99/10oz
Baking Soda $.49/1lb
White Vinegar $1.99/gallon
White Sugar $2.69/5lbs
Dry Active Yeast $1.19/3pk

So if you want to use the half gallon of vinegar you have left in your cupboards you can have it for $1.99 of your stipend, and then half of the next gallon you buy when your stores inevitably run out.

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