Thursday, December 22, 2011

...And, We're Back

In preparation of a trip to Mississippi, I have spent the last few weeks laboring over an old and cantankerous car. I've had no time to focus on the challenge at hand, and have taken no trips to the local hunting grounds.

The trip has concluded, and I can now turn my attentions back to the challenge (and not a moment too soon.)

Whilst in Mississippi, I was able to bring home a few extra catfish from the pond. 14oz of delicious fish, which brings our meat stores to a total of 14oz. You can see one of my lovely fishing mates, Sarah from Four Pounds Flour and her first catch of the day below.

My lack of hunting time along with the freezer disaster earlier this year will probably end in an unfortunate stint of vegetarianism during the challenge. Vegetarian or no, I will still defeat you all!

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