Thursday, December 22, 2011

Holiday Weekend

Hello Fellow Challenge Participants,

Sister (you know which one you are!) please bring my Corona mill to family dinner tonight.

Other Sister, would you be interested in getting together one day this weekend and making bread? I read about a concept called parbaking, which is how the thaw-and-bake bread you find in your grocer's freezer is prepared. I'd love to experiment with this concept.

Anyone want to head to the West Side Market soon? Or out to the hunting grounds? I would like to pick up some fresh ginger, nutmeg, and about 240lbs of game meat before the challenge begins.


  1. I am available to forage on Friday, December 30, if the weather is good. What would we be able to buy at the West Side Market that is challenge legal? Are you rethinking the $10 "allowance?" (One can always hope!) Speaking of Hope - Since we were allowed to buy seeds, are we allowed to buy beans to sprout? I keep looking for "legal" loopholes in this challenge. Can't blame me for trying.

  2. I haven't spent all of my allowance yet. I want to get ginger and nutmeg. No loopholes, no buying seeds to sprout last minute-!

  3. I thought sprouts were "legal". I still have a stash from last year. Is that acceptable?

  4. Do you see, internet, how these participants gang up on me to try to get me to change the rules all the time?
    If you had them left over from the first challenge I would say, fine, you obviously have been planning for some time that sprouts would be part of your menu. If you go out 5 DAYS BEFORE THE CHALLENGE STARTS TO BUY BULK FOOD UNDER THE GUISE OF SPROUTING then you are a cheater-cheater-pumpkin-eater. You had a year to save!