Friday, December 23, 2011

Wheat For Breakfast?

In the victory binding of the American Woman's Cookbook, they discuss the cooking of different cereal grains. For whole grains they recommend 4-5 times more water than grain, and suggests using a 'fireless cooker' to avoid prolonged stirring or sticking to the pan. I have a rice cooker I won on a bet (eating a burnt pizza that my friend discarded into the snow), so I gave it a go.

I don't reall know what I was expecting, but what I got wasn't half bad. I used a quarter cup wheat to 5/4 cups water. The final product weighed 5oz (from just 1oz of grain) and had the consistency of firm beans 0. The taste was rather neutral with a slight wheaty flavor. I added a bit of nutmeg, a dash of sugar, and a splash of milk. A few pieces of jellied toast and I had a satisfying breakfast.

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