Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Message From Day 4

Breakfast; oats, hash browns, banana coffee.

Lunch was a little late today, I had an extra piece of bread from my missed meal yesterday so I made half my hot bologna into a sandwich.  'Bean salad' has turned into just beans, I haven't done anything with them other than cook them.  I shared my potato salad with our worker, Mike, who has been helping me move cabinets for the last 2 (and probably for the next 2) days.

Looking at my menu plan, I still have pasta left from yesterday, I don't have any macaroni salad left.  I have the things needed to make macaroni salad if I feel like it. (macaroni salad was my 'snack' scheduled for today.)

As of yesterday the basswood has finally exploded into green - the young leaves are quite edible.  They have a very 'green' taste.  I picked some this morning for my chef's salad tonight.

I have everything I planned for tomorrow, and also have 1 extra hard boiled egg, uncooked macaroni, 1 extra potato in the form of french fries (I made 2 potatoes into fries) and copious amounts of navy beans.  I might just bake up some of those fries to go with dinner tonight.

I will probably have food left over when the mini-challenge is over.  I would be really good at making ends meet as a poor person, which is probably exactly the reason I am not a poor person.

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