Friday, May 3, 2013

Day 5 - Did I mention the carrot?

Well - we made it to day 5. I don't think I mentioned the bonus carrot.  While at the grocery store on Wednesday, shopping for a birthday treat for a friend in a nursing home, I looked over the produce section and spotted bulk carrots.  So, I carefully picked out a small carrot to be certain I didn't go over the 31 cents I had remaining in my budget.  The carrot rang up at 16 cents WOOO HOOOO!!!  Carrot in my salad today.

Yesterday's menu changed a little as I worked in the garden for most of the late afternoon and evening.  For lunch, I ate tuna mac casserole and a baked potato.  Supper was two scrambled eggs and two pieces of toast.  I drank lots of mint tea, both iced and hot as I made a futile attempt at ridding the herb garden of the roving take-over mint.  (I also have mint in a large pot in my garden.)  I didn't have my salad yesterday so that means more lettuce and tomatoes for today's salad.
For breakfast this morning, I ate the last banana and the rest of the oats.  Along with the carrot, I have the supplemental dandelion greens, about 10 cherry tomatoes cut into thirds, the small head of purple and green lettuce and the remaining ranch dressing, I have a pretty nice salad for lunch.  I'll also be taking one of my two remaining eggs (hard-boiled) and the rest of the tuna mac casserole in addition to the salad.  Supper will consist of some combination of my remaining stores which are two potatoes, two pieces of bread, one egg, margarine and 4 pieces of cheese.  That's it!  Almost at the finish line.  I'll be posting my final thoughts on the challenge.

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