Friday, May 3, 2013

Final Round - Fight!

Sooo much food for breakfast this morning.  I had 1 egg, oats, a banana, and hashbrowns, plus coffee.  My coffee made it pretty far.  I made 6 16-oz cups of coffee from the 2 packets in the mail plus the chicory root.  I still had an egg left so I made it for Jessica.  I am stuffed.

For lunch, I was SET UPON BY THIEVES!!! Actually it was just Jessica.  She ate all my bologna.  She did offer to go buy me more, but I accept that thieves took some of my food and challenge on.  I had beans, a baked potato with margarine and chives, and the rest of my pasta from the other night.

Dinner was buttered noodles, fries, creamed corn, and 2 pieces of toast.  I used all the margarine. I in fact used nearly everything, save a surplus of navy beans and some ranch dressing.  I shared my potato salad, eggs, and (unwillingly) bologna, and still had enough food to make it through this mini challenge.

Final thoughts?  I think $1.50/person/day is a good starting point for our big challenge.  I think $1.50/day would have been easier if it was over a longer time period, where bulk buys of more goods could be incorporated (and I can justify a can of coffee.)

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