Tuesday, June 1, 2010

2nd Year Kale

Much like the summer bounty, I am prolific in my blogging today. While walking out to the garage today I looked over in to my 'wild garden' area, specifically at the kale plant which I left growing from last year. I had promised Sharon I would bring her some leaves to make kale chips. I looked over to see how the leaves were developing. They seem to have stopped at a 4-5 inch length, where last year's growth would grow to 10 inches or better on the larger leaves. More interestingly, where there were small flower buds before there are now long stalks with dozens of seed pods on them. I wondered if they were edible (of course I wondered that after I ate one) and found this informative blog out there on the interwebs; http://www.365daysofkale.com/2009/07/coming-back.html. The young seed pods are in fact edible, so I won't have to make any emergency room visits as a result.

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