Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Big Garden

Finally, I remembered to bring my camera on Sunday! Here is a view of the garden, a 75' x 40' plot. The left half of the garden was planted much earlier (and had many more weeds growing as a result, the newer-tilled soil has much less of a problem.)

Here is a young tomato plant, one of over 70 in the big garden!

Pictured here is a New Zealand spinach plant- a much more substantial leaf than regular spinach.

A lettuce plant, growing up amongst the grasses that used to inhabit this space. This is one of the last lettuce plants left from my first planting, and it will be pulled out next Sunday.

A lovely young cucumber plant - but wait - where are all those missing leaves?!? Curse you rabbits!

Swiss Chard growing up amongst a sprawl of plants. This area needs a good weeding!

A pair of cabbage plants, coming along nicely! Lets hope those white moths don't eat too much!

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