Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Good Day's Collection

A week ago Sunday was the first day that food was ready from the big garden - and boy was there a lot! We had 11 gallon freezer bags of lettuce and spinach that day. This past Sunday I was at it again, collecting even more! We had 9 more bags of food - 1 bag of radishes, 1 bag of radish greens (many more were discarded, but I wanted to try that soup recipe Sharon sent out,) 2 bags of spinach, and 5 more bags of lettuce! My mother in law took one bag of lettuce since she still had 2 left over from the previous week, which means not only is my freezer full of frozen berries, but my fridge is full of bags of greens! I blanched the spinach and put it in the freezer last night, there is still more lettuce than I could eat in a month!

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