Saturday, February 4, 2012

Day 34 started out like any other except . . .

To start off this blog post today, I have a little (well, maybe not so little) story to tell.  During the early 1990’s, I took pottery classes at the local community college.  I LOVED doing pottery.  I soon bought my own kiln and slab roller and participated in many art shows and exhibits.  While doing one of the projects in those early pottery classes, I was making a sculptural piece that looked like coral.  I made it out of slabs that I formed into tubes coming out of an irregular base.  I painstakingly textured the tubular forms by poking into them with a chopstick.  It took several classes to complete the texture.  When I was finished texturing the piece my instructor asked if it was finished.  I said “No, I think I want to make some clown fish and have them swimming in between the tubes.”  She said “Make some rough looking fish and don’t take a lot of time, then we’ll see.”  So, I spent the rest of the class forming several clown fish.  She said “Okay, now place them on the sculpture where you think they should be.”  So, I did.  She had me stand back several feet and asked me what I thought.  I said “I think I should make a few more.”  At this she became very frustrated with me.  She went over to the sculpture and picked each one of the fish off and threw them across the room.  It was hilarious!!!!  She said, “You NEVER know when to stop!  The sculpture stands by itself.  It doesn’t need the fish.  You have to learn when enough is enough!”

A few years later I attended a glass fusing class.  Our group’s project was to make a series of large garden fused pictures.  They were probably about 3’ x 2’ each.  I made an octopus hovering over a treasure chest and there were glass “jewels” and all manner of fused glass treasures covering the surface.  I loved it.  As the instructor walked around to each piece, he stated “Some times too much is not enough!”  He said that at each piece until he got to mine.  Then he said, “Therese, sometimes too much is TOO MUCH!”

When I am doing an art project I always feel as though I can do a little more to make it better.  However, in other areas of my life, I am learning when enough is enough.  That being said, I’ve decided that I am ready to concede this challenge.  I feel so blessed to have participated.  I’ve learned a lot and had a blast!  I met with Mark this morning to give him one of the handmade gift(s) I am making for the Victor of the Starting From Scratch Challenge. (See picture below.  Funny how the blue balloon in the background looks like a crown over his head - Or maybe a jester's hat - tee hee.  And, I didn't even plan that.)  The wall hanging is a compilation of items from thrift stores.

Seriously, Mark really deserves to win.  The foraging and preparation he did to make the maple sugar, wheat flour, cornmeal, walnut meats and chicory root were over the top.  I congratulate Mark on a job well done!!!  I know I would not have made it through the second week without the supply of grains he provided in trade.  The final gift will be presented on or around March 15, which was the original completion date of the challenge.  Good luck Mark!  I know you have limited supplies left.  I hope you can make it through February 7 which will be 50% of original challenge time frame.  

Just wait until I complete the final handmade gift for the challenge – it will be OVER THE TOP!!!!  See, sometimes I know when to quit and sometimes I still think too much is not enough!  

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