Monday, February 6, 2012

Day 36

This will be my final day in the competition, and pictured here are my first two meals of the day.

I had 4 eggs and 5oz of turkey as my only protein foods left in stores this morning. I crushed one of the eggs trying to get it unstuck from the carton. I ate two, and made a batch of crackers with the remaining one. Lunch used half my turkey, and the other half will go to dinner tonight. All my beans were eaten a few days ago.

The proverbial wind in my sails has really left since I won. I hardly ever thought about 'cheating' and eating non-challenge foods when it was a competition; for the past two days I just crave all the little snack foods - chips, little debbies, pizza rolls, you get the idea. Of course my food variety is dwindling, and that may contribute, but more than that I feel like, 'Why am I still doing this?'

I didn't have any real motivation to make it to the 37th day - that was my Mom's idea. I don't really care. I initially though that I would make it into the low 40's (I think I originally calculated 42 days.) Once I decided I wasn't going to deprive myself of food for the sake of winning, that number dwindled.

The reasons I continued are; a) I thought winning by taking my 'party day' on the day my Mom finished was poor form; b) I had perishable stores that needed eaten; c) I still had good protein foods available, and d) once I am finished, I don't plan to take on another enterprise like this for at least a year.

Enough about me, more about the food!

Breakfast; 2 eggs, applesauce, bran cereal with grape jelly. This was my Mom's blackberry applesauce. It is quite the delight. The eggs were of a questionable quality.

Lunch; skillet fried breaded turkey, pea pods, half a baked potato, peaches, crackers and tomato sauce. Bread crumbs don't stick very well when you don't have egg whites or something else to bind the breadcrumbs to it. As for the peaches, which I have never mentioned before; I went to make the mini pies yesterday. I decided to put some of the summer squash in them, but when I opened my last jar of summer squash they turned into peaches! Guess I should read the labels on stuff.

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