Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bread and Jam

Mark, Kathy, Todd, Katelynn & I were talking yesterday and sprouts are permitted. You can find more info on the web for sprouting beans, grains, etc.

Here is a simple recipe to make bread by using sprouted wheat grains:

Here is a simple recipe for making sugar free jam:

If anyone currently has a dehydrator, please let me know. I am considering buying one.


  1. I have an old dehydrator. It does work, but slowly. I mostly use it for making Jerky once every 3 years it seems.

  2. You should look into building your own dehydrator. With a big box fan and some furnace filters, you could do what Alton Brown did on Good Eats, which works wonders. Not quite as energy efficient, but, it'll dry your foods far, far quicker! I think the title of the episode was Urban Preservation.

  3. I have a dehydrator. I use it to dehydrate fruit that's a tad over ripe and also have a dedicated tray I use for my business: placenta encapsulation.

    I've done fruit leather in it before and am considering drying some of my veggies that go limp or that I have just a little bit left of in order to pop them into soups and stews.

  4. I have plans for a solar dehydrator and plan on building one. It have quite a large capacity and requires no electricity. It does not expose the food to direct sunlight so no concern over vitamin loss from sun exposure.
    I got the plans from Cost estimated at $150 but salvaging pieces would obviously decrease that amount.

  5. Yeah I could just see Sharon with a little tool belt on, carefully measuring and cutting boards to build some specialized machine...