Friday, January 22, 2010

Wednesday's Bounty

having finally gotten all the field equipment to properly hunt goose, I went to a new hunting area an hour and a half south on Wednesday. I took a walk around the small lake there to see if I could find a suitable area to set up shop. Although I didn't spot a site I liked I did have a productive day - our foodstores have been fattened by 10lbs of walnuts (split, still in shell), 7-1/2lbs of corn kernels, and a little over 1/2lb of squirrel meat.

To all the butchers and meat cutters in the world, you can rest assured I'll never take your job away. This is due to an acute lack of talent, not for lack of trying. If anyone has a meat grinder I have about 1/4lb of meat that needs to be processed.

Our coffers have 5lbs of soybeans from collection on previous expeditions as well. I'm curious if anyone has had success hunting or foraging. Where have you been, what have you gathered, or what are you waiting for!


  1. Mark, you may want to check with Aunt Linda to find out if she has a meat grinder.

  2. Pete's got one on his food processor :D