Sunday, January 3, 2010

Cheat Out Loud

I don't know how easy or difficult the actual challenge week will go; we might all do swimmingly well, or we might flop utterly. I want to encourage everyone to post honestly during the challenge. I feel it would be far more interesting to read about how you broke down and ate a case of twinkies on the gas station floor than white lies about how everything is going perfectly.


  1. I agree. The gas station floor is a little too dirty for me though, even in a moment of deep twinkie desire. More likely would be my bedroom and two boxes of Little Debbie's german chocolate rounds :o)

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  3. I retract my comment about the pre-challenge binge. Now that I know how to make bread and jam with just stuff I can grow, it should be easy!! I am amazed at all that I am learning with participating in this project!