Friday, January 29, 2010

Pizza Night!

For yesterday's family dinner we had pizza night. In addition to everyone making their own mini pizza's from non-challenge items, I had to try a couple of pizza recipes we could make during the challenge.

The first one I made the crust from sprouted wheat berries. Since I only sprouted 3 TBS of wheat berries the crust turned out like a large crispy cracker. I went with it anyway and topped it with tomatoes, crushed garlic, oregano and spinach and then threw it in the oven. Everyone got a little sample and thought it was tasty.

The second one was Japanese pizza. I used the recipe from I shredded 2 cups of red cabbage in the food processor, chopped up 1 cup of leeks and added 2/3 cup of ground sunflower seeds (instead of the flour) and mixed in 2 beaten eggs. I fried it in olive oil (oil is my "cheat item") in a large skillet. I topped it with chives. Very delicious, tasted a lot like potato pancakes.

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