Sunday, April 28, 2013

Mini-Challenge Day 0

Today we got together and exchanged goods for the mini-challenge.  We are mirroring the Live Below The Line challenge.  Participants will be Sharon, Therese, and Myself (Mark.) We worked in concert with one another, splitting contents of purchases so that we all came close to the $7.50 allocation for the project.
Here follows a picture and inventory of my challenge goods, along with cost;
3-1/3lbs potatoes 83¢
10 medium eggs 85¢
16oz elbow macaroni 88¢
24oz spaghetti sauce 77¢
1/2lb dry navy beans 49.5¢
1/2lb margarine 39.5¢
6 bananas 43.3¢
6oz quick oats 54.6¢
1/2 loaf bread 42.5¢
1lb bologna 99¢
9fl oz ranch dressing 74.3¢
2 slices cheese 11¢
Total $7.47

There are several items with no cost that I will also be enjoying during this challenge;
Wild onions - there is a mound of rocky earth behind our building that is covered in wild onions.
Basswood greens - in front of our house there are 2 basswood trees, the young leaves are good edible greens.
Coffee & Chicory - a few weeks ago I came home to discover a small box delivered to our doorstep.  It was a Keurig coffee maker sampler pack from Maxwell House.  I don't have one of those coffee makers but I sure do love coffee!  I will add a little chicory root saved from last year to extend the coffee there.
Garlic - Though I didn't forage for fresh garlic this spring, I know a spot.  Not a great place to go if you're allergic to poison ivy though!  There is still garlic left over from last year in the freezer, I plan to use some for this challenge.
Creamed Corn - Behind our building last year was a campsite where homeless people lived, I was poking around back there and came across 2 sealed cans of creamed corn.  I don't know how good they are, as they sat through a winter's freeze, but the price was right!
Salt - Same story as above, I found a container of salt there too.
Pepper, Catsup, Mustard, Hot Peppers - From various free sources I have food service packets of these items.

In a follow up to the 'cream corn' note; Of the 3 people that camped out there last summer, one is now on social security and living in one of the nearby apartment complexes, one is moving to Texas where he plans to get a job on an oil rig, and the 3rd has a trailer nearby where he stays in exchange for night security duties.

I am meal planning for the week instead of eating whatever comes to mind.  I will post the meal plan later tonight or tomorrow.  I am also going to do a lot of prep cooking tonight.  I will prepare potato salad, macaroni salad, hash browns, and whatever else I can think of ahead of time.

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