Tuesday, April 30, 2013

It's all coming back to me now . . .

As a child, I absolutely LOVED spending time with my grandmother.  She always "spoiled" me and we had so many fun adventures together.  I always felt loved, appreciated and nurtured when I was with her.
As I picked the dandelion greens from my garden today, I had a flash back of weekends at grandma's house.  The yard around her little house was always well kept and weed free.  She had a little garden at the side of the house.  However, most of the borders around the front and back lawn were planted with beautiful flowers.  The lawn was absolutely weed and dandelion free.  If a dandelion did pop up, she got out there with her gloves and her garden tools and made certain to get every last bit of the root out of that lawn.  She warned me not to touch the dandelions with my bare hands because, if I did, I would certainly wet the bed that night.  The memory of Grandma's warning brought a smile to my face and a warm feeling to my heart.
If grandma was watching me today, she certainly would have scolded me.  For not only did I touch the dandelions with my bare hands, but I ate them as well.  I picked a good amount of dandelions to supplement the lettuce I had purchased.

Grandma, if you are listening or reading this, I just want to let you know that dandelions are used not only as a food, but for medicinal qualities as well.  The book, The Complete Woman's Herbal, states that "Dandelion, particularly the leaves, is an effective diuretic, useful in water retention, cellulite, urinary infections and prostate problems. . . . While diuretic drugs leach potassium from the body, dandelion has a high potassium content, replacing that lost through increased urination."  So Grandma, I guess you were partially correct but I am enjoying the dandelions anyway, as well as the fond memories of times shared with you.
For breakfast this morning, I enjoyed two pieces of french toast using one egg and some of the margarine.  I topped the french toast with one sliced banana.
For lunch, I enjoyed my salad of lettuce, dandelion greens, tomatoes, chives and a small amount of ranch dressing.  In addition, I ate 1/5 of the macaroni, tuna casserole I made yesterday.
For dinner this evening, I used two of my potatoes and one egg to make some yummy potato pancakes.
I am getting used to drinking tap water.  However, since the coffee at work is free to me, I am enjoying a couple cups a day.  I am not working on Thursday, so I guess I'll be having some mint tea that day.
Side note:  the Woman's Herbal states that dandelion is also known as "fairy clock."  See, there are still fairies in my garden.